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Blog Posts in 2012

Credit Card Abuse Charge

Credit Card Abuse is a very common offense. Oftentimes when a wallet or purse is stolen or misplaced, an opportunistic thief will use the credit cards within the wallet/purse and charge them up. It is ...
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Possession of Marijuana Charge

One of the most common charges is Possession of Marijuana (POM). If the amount is less than 2 ounces (most cases are under 2 ounces) it is a Class B misdemeanor with a range of punishment of up to 180 ...
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Assault - Family Violence

An Assault-Family Violence charge is when a person is accused of assaulting a family member (defined as a member of his household or a person with whom he is having or has had a romantic ...
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Occupational Licenses

An experienced criminal defense attorney must know a great deal about driver's license suspensions and what must be done to help a client drive legally. Sometimes, all that is needed is a call to ...
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Expunctions and Record Sealing

One of the most important parts of my job as a criminal defense attorney is to clear up a person's criminal history (aka their "record"). I've been doing it for a long time and I ...
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Automatic License Suspensions for DWI 1st

When a person has been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, usually one of his first concerns is the status of his driver's license. This blog focuses on the driver's license ramifications ...
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Vehicle Searches

One of the most common mistakes people make when dealing with the police is allowing a police officer to search their car. It is very important to understand that the police DO NOT have an automatic ...
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DWI - What To Do When Pulled Over?

DWI So you've had a few to drink and you decide you're "good enough to drive home". Then, on the way home, you see the cop lights in your rearview mirror. Your heart races and you ...
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DWI: No Refusal Weekends

Everyone always asks about No Refusal weekends. The big question is, "How is it legal that the police can just take my blood without my consent?" The answer, in simple terms, is a search ...
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Warrant in Williamson County

One of the most-asked questions I deal with as a criminal defense attorney is what a person should do when he thinks there is a warrant for his arrest. I always tell people the same thing: first ...
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