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An arrest for a criminal offense can be both frightening and confusing. Most people are unfamiliar with how the court system works, and will need legal advice from a professional to ensure their rights are safeguarded. A Taylor criminal defense lawyer can give you useful information regarding your case, including legal process you will be involved in and how to defend the allegations against you. Even if you have only been charged with misdemeanor and this is your first offense, your future could be in considerable jeopardy if you are convicted. The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck can provide the tough advocacy you will need when fighting criminal charges. We have represented clients in a broad range of criminal cases, including domestic violence, internet crimes, sex crimes, expunctions, record sealing, juvenile crimes, occupational licenses, white collar crimes, DWI/DUI, multiple DWI, drug crimes, possession, sales, distribution, theft crimes, robbery, burglary, shoplifting, violent crimes and assault. Our criminal defense firm will make sure you have the legal support you need and push hard to prevent a guilty verdict.

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Effective representation in a criminal case is vital and can significantly impact the outcome of your legal situation. There are many actions a defense attorney will undertake to mitigate the charges against you and resolve your case in the best way possible. Our law office will do everything we can to protect your freedom and help you avoid jail time. Whenever possible we will negotiate with prosecution for probation or deferred adjudication. We treat all of our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve, and will always be available when you need us.

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