Why Hire a Round Rock Criminal Attorney?

Dedicated Solely to Criminal Defense

If you were recently arrested for a crime in the state of Texas, you should take every precaution to protect your rights by hiring an aggressive Round Rock defense lawyer. Texas is widely known for being exceptionally harsh when it comes to criminal sentencing and penalties. You cannot afford to rely upon a public defender or an inexperienced attorney to protect your legal rights and your freedom. You will need the assistance of a highly effective Round Rock criminal defense attorney to defend your rights in the criminal process.

Where a lot of other firms focus on a variety of practice areas, the Law Offices of Ryan H. Deck focuses 100% of our efforts on criminal defense for our clients. We make it our business to stay abreast of any recent changes in the law as it pertains to illegal drug searches, improper warrant procedures, illegal traffic stops, chemical testing (for DWI), and many other issues relating to criminal law.

Our dedicated efforts have resulted in reduced or dropped charges on behalf of our clients charged with offenses relating to DWI, drug crimes, theft crimes, as well as violent crimes, sex crimes, internet crimes, white collar crimes and more.

How can Ryan H. Deck help you?

  • We do not take an apathetic or weak approach to our client's cases as we advise them to plead guilty and take their punishment
  • We will slowly and meticulously investigate your case and search for any errors
  • We will look for any other holes in the prosecution's case against you
  • We are not afraid to take your case to trial on your behalf; if the going gets rough we are fully prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect your rights and your freedom
  • We will provide you with high quality defense representation at a competitive rate
  • We have garnered a reputation for fighting relentlessly for the rights of our clients and your case will be no different

Aggressive Round Rock Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a former activist for the University of Houston's Innocence Project during law school and a former prosecutor for Montgomery County where he handled hundreds of cases, we are confident that Mr. Deck has the knowledge and experience you need to defend your criminal charges in either the state or federal courts. Don't let your future be in the hands of the prosecution, let us provide you with the legal support your situation demands during this difficult time in your life.

Contact a Round Rock criminal defense attorney from the firm immediately. We accept credit cards, we offer payment plans and all our initial consultations are free.

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