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Occupational Licenses

An experienced criminal defense attorney must know a great deal about driver's license suspensions and what must be done to help a client drive legally. Sometimes, all that is needed is a call to the Texas DPS and finding out what the DPS needs a person to do to have his license reinstated. Oftentimes, however, a person's license is simply suspended for a period of time and there is no amount of money that can be paid to the DPS that can change that.

When a person's driver's license has been suspended, the only way he can drive legally is to obtain an occupational license (also called an Essential Needs license). Basically, the Texas DPS determines whether a person license is suspended. However, a judge can trump the suspension by signing a court order allowing a person to drive during certain times and certain days. This is called an occupational license.

An occupational license allows a person to drive to and from work and other necessary places, such as the grocery store or school. In order to do an occupational license, a person needs three documents: 1) proof of SR-22 insurance; 2) a three-year driving record; and 3) a letter from an employer on company letterhead. In addition to these documents, there is also a filing fee paid to the county of approximately $240 that must be paid at the time the petition for the occupational license is filed.

Once we have those documents and we've interviewed the client to determine the days and times during which the client must drive, we then draft and file the petition. We then set the matter for a hearing in front of judge. The client must attend this hearing. After the judge signs off on the petition, we will instruct the client on what he must do with the paperwork.

If you are having driver's license difficulties, contact our office immediately and we will speak to you FOR FREE regarding your license situation. We are very experienced in dealing with license issues and we can help.