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How to Defend Against a Domestic Violence Charge

In the state of Texas, the courts view domestic violence as any violent and/or abusive criminal act committed by one member of a family or household, against another family member such as a spouse, child, significant other, or against another member of the same household. Many domestic violence cases are initiated by individuals who wish to exert a certain level of power or control over their loved ones and use physical, sexual, emotional, financial or psychological abuse to do so. Other such cases are simply moments of outrage or anger directed towards a loved one. Other cases involve false accusations, or actions taken to defend against a physical attack.

Our firm has achieved some notable verdicts in criminal cases involving domestic violence, most recently in a case in which a woman was accused of assaulting her boyfriend by throwing an object at him, causing a laceration. The firm helped the client to avoid penalties and get the charges dismissed.

If you have been accused of any type of domestic violence, you could be facing very serious charges and penalties. A conviction for domestic violence in Round Rock could mean jail time, significant fines, mandatory psychological counseling and the issuance of protective orders restricting your actions. Each of the penalties associated with domestic violence could very easily have a dramatic impact on your personal life, your family, your career, your freedom and your future.

At The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck, you can count on the fact that our criminal defense attorneys are committed to protecting your rights at every turn. We know how frightening it can be to have a moment of anger or an act of self-defense be turned into a criminal charge for domestic violence or assault family violence. We are dedicated to our clients and are committed to fighting to get the charges against you dismissed, reduced, or achieving a positive verdict at trial. If you need help defending yourself against domestic violence charge, we urge you to contact our firm and schedule to meet with a Round Rock criminal defense attorney without delay.