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Record Sealing in Round Rock

Sealing your Criminal Record

If you have successfully completed probation, you may be eligible to have your record sealed. To do so, you must file a Petition for Nondisclosure and set a date for a petition hearing. At the hearing, your petition will be reviewed by a judge, who can order your criminal record to be sealed from public viewing.

Did Your Prior Criminal Case Result in Probation? 

It is important to note that there are two types of probation:

  • Straight probation
  • Deferred adjudication

Both entail the same probation conditions; but, with deferred adjudication, the case is dismissed upon successful completion of probation. Straight probation results in a conviction that cannot be expunged or sealed.

If you would like more information on record sealing, contact a Round Rock criminal defense attorney. Ryan can review your criminal history to determine if you are eligible for record sealing, and assist you with the petition process.

Is There A Waiting Period For Record Sealing in Texas?

There may be a waiting period before a criminal record can be sealed. For most misdemeanors, the record can be sealed as soon as probation has been successfully completed; however, some require a two year waiting period from the date probation was completed. 

For most felonies, there is a five year waiting period. During the waiting period, you must stay out of trouble; convictions or probations during the waiting period may make you ineligible for record sealing.

What Are the Benefits of Having Your Record Sealed?

Sealing your record will allow you to deny to private entities that you have a criminal past. Because most employers are considered private entities, having your record sealed is extremely helpful when looking for employment. 

Renting a living space once your record has been sealed will also be easier. You may still be barred for obtaining certain professional licenses, as many state licensing agencies will have access to your criminal record even if it is sealed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Williamson County

The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck is an experienced criminal defense firm that has successfully helped many clients petition for record sealing. We know how important a sealed record can be when you are looking for work or a place to live. 

If you qualify for record sealing, we can prepare your petition and represent you at your petition hearing. Our firm will make sure your petition is free of mistakes and errors, which can result in delays and denials.

Contact a Round Rock criminal defense attorney for legal advice and assistance with record sealing.


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