The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck recently took on a case for a teen that was facing charges for racing on a highway. The accident involved in the case took place two years ago and resulted in two fatalities and one serious injury. The defendant in the case, K.R., was at risk of harsh penalties due to the seriousness of the accident and his alleged involved by racing. With an aggressive criminal defense attorney by his side; however, he was found not guilty and was exonerated of all charges that were against him. During the trial, there were arguments regarding why another driver involved, E.T., did not testify on the case. As the defense, Attorney Deck argued that the state did not call the other driver to testify because he would have said the two drivers were not racing when the accident took place.

There was also expert testimony on the crash that showed proof of K.R.'s vehicle traveling at 50 miles per hour when the accident took place, showing the race was not occurring. Attorney Deck made arguments challenging the evidence entered by the state and that it did not prove that K.R. committed the offense in question. The other driver in the case, E.T., was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the accident. K.R., on the other hand, was not charged at all. If you are facing any type of criminal charges, including those in traffic crimes, you need experienced legal representation to help in your case. Team up with Attorney Deck at The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck for the aggressive and skilled legal counsel that you need by your side at trial. You can start by filling out a free online case evaluation or contact us at (512) 337-6285 to discuss your case right away.

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