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If you have been arrested for a drug crime, you may be targeted by prosecutors from the Texas legal system and the Federal government, depending on the specific circumstances of the alleged offense. Our Round Rock drug crime attorney is dedicated to offering comprehensive defense counsel to defend your rights. Our Williamson County drug attorney specializes in drug-related charges – including distribution, possession, and sales. With years of experience providing effective drug charge defenses, we can help minimize the consequences of drug charges.

Factors that Influence Drug Crime Charges 

The drug crime you could be charged with varies according to several factors such as:

  • Quantity and type of drugs involved in the act
  • Whether you are accused of possession for your own use
  • Possession with the purpose of distribution
  • Sales of illegal substances to others

Whatever type of drug crime charge you face, you will be subjected to vigorous prosecution; law enforcement officials at all levels take this type of offense seriously.

Drugs and money - Drug Crime Attorney in Round Rock

A successful defense against drug charges often depends on attacking the evidence in the case. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees you protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. An aggressive Round Rock drug crime lawyer with a deep understanding of the laws surrounding this type of crime can work with you to investigate the circumstances of your arrest and discover whether your rights may have been violated in the process.

If the arresting officer cannot prove that he had sufficient grounds for probable cause, the court will not hear a case against you. Even when the evidence was gathered under a warrant, it often occurs that the warrant was not issued legally, which may possibly also result in having the case thrown out.

Drug Crime Defense in Round Rock

As the number of prosecutions for drug crimes in Texas increases, there are continually new precedents being set that will influence how your own case is handled. At the Law Office of Ryan H. Deck, we keep ourselves informed of new developments in the field, so that you will receive the full benefit of our services.

When you come to our Williamson County drug attorney for help, we will conduct an in-depth consultation to determine the best approach for defending you against your charges. Ryan is one of the few Round Rock drug crime attorneys in the area who is willing to fight for his client all the way to trial, and as a solo practitioner, his top priority is getting you the results you deserve.

Contact our Round Rock drug crime lawyer at (512) 337-6285 to learn more about how you can fight the charges in your drug crime case.

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Ryan Deck grew up in Williamson County where he attended Round Rock High School. After graduation, he attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Finance, he attended The University of Houston Law Center, graduating in 2003.

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