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How Do Juvenile Crime Cases Work

Crimes committed by children between the ages of 10 and 16 are usually handled by the juvenile court. A child may be taken into custody if there is probable cause to believe that a child has engaged in criminal activity, delinquent conduct, conduct indicating a need for supervision, or conduct that violates a condition of probation imposed by a juvenile court. "Delinquent conduct" and "conduct indicating a need for supervision" are both defined in Section 51.03 of the Texas Family Code.

The juvenile court must hold a detention hearing not later than the second working day after a child has been taken into custody. However, if the child was detained on a Friday or Saturday, then the detention hearing will be held the next working day, which is usually a Monday.

At the end of the hearing, the court will release the child unless it feels that:

  • The child is prone to run away
  • The parent is not providing adequate supervision or care
  • The child has no parent, guardian, or anyone else able to return him to court when needed
  • The child may be dangerous to himself or could be a threat to the public if released
  • The child has previously been found to be a delinquent child or has been convicted of a crime before punishable by jail or prison and is likely to commit an offense if released

No statement made by a child in a detention hearing can be used against him or her at any other hearing. If your child has been taken into custody for committing a crime, contact a Round Rock criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck for qualified legal counsel and representation. It is important that your child's rights are protected on an immediate basis by a lawyer with juvenile court experience.

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Juveniles have an absolute right to a jury trial. A jury trial allows the child to confront any witnesses to the alleged criminal act. In addition, the child has the right to remain silent and may not be compelled to give any evidence against him or herself. In order for the State to prevail in a trial against a child, it must prove each and every element of the charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest burden in the entire legal system, and is the same burden that must be met when prosecuting adults.

Can Charges in Juvenile Court Result in a Criminal Record?

Charges in juvenile court can result in a criminal record, and can be used as evidence of prior criminal conduct if the person is arrested and prosecuted as an adult. In addition, felony juvenile crimes can result in placement into a Texas Youth Commission facility. Misdemeanor crimes often result in an in-home probation where the child must complete various classes, follow the rules of his household and submit to drug testing.

We are an experienced criminal defense firm that can help your family navigate the juvenile court system and ensure the best possible result for your child. Our firm provides professional and caring representation in juvenile cases, and we will assist you and your child in every way that we can.

Contact us to speak with a Round Rock juvenile crime lawyer for trusted legal counsel and representation if your child has been taken into custody for committing a crime.

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