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Do I need an attorney if the prosecution offered me a deal?

It is highly recommended, as a Round Rock criminal defense lawyer may be able to get your case dismissed or reduced. In addition, you may not be fully aware of the consequences of your plea bargain. For instance, you may take a theft crime conviction just to "get it over with." Later, however, you learn that employers refuse to hire you because of your conviction and that if you had had representation, the lawyer could have had your case dismissed and you could have avoided the problem altogether, or a reduced charge that would not as seriously affect your future employment opportunities.

If I get pulled over for DWI, what should I do?

When stopped for possible DWI/DUI, remain polite and refuse to answer questions, especially if you have been drinking. Do not agree to take any field sobriety tests, as you are not required to. Even breath or blood tests should be refused. Keep in mind that you are likely being videoed by a camera and recorded by a microphone, so remain calm and polite, as these may be used in any case filed against you. Call an attorney from The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck immediately so that we can begin to establish a strong defense on your behalf.

What does probation entail?

Probation varies depending on the underlying charge and what county you're in. For the most part, you can expect monthly probation fees (approximately $60), community service, and periodic drug tests. In addition, you will most likely have to attend certain programs designed to curtail repeat offenses such as drug treatment programs for drug charges. Oftentimes, there are other aspects of probation that your attorney should explain to you in detail before you decide to move forward with a plea bargain.

If there is a warrant out for my arrest, should I turn myself in?

No. Oftentimes, an attorney can make arrangements to minimize the time you spend in jail or eliminate it completely. In Travis County an attorney can arrange for a "walk through". In Williamson County, a Waiver of Magistration is required to avoid having to wait to see a magistrate, which can take a long time. A lawyer can execute the Waiver of Magistration so that all you have to do is get booked into jail, post the bond (which a lawyer can arrange as well) and then you can leave. In addition, bail bond companies will typically offer a discount for defendants who have an attorney.

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