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THC gummies are everywhere! There’s no way they can be a felony, right?!!

Nowadays, THC gummies have become immensely popular. I hear stories from people telling me their mothers, who don’t even drink, have taken these gummies. Get-togethers that used to just feature alcohol, now often come with a side of THC gummies.

And, of course, every time someone visits Colorado you hear about the THC they brought back with them. So, the question now is, how much trouble can you get into if you're caught with these THC gummies?

Just ONE gummy is a felony

The answer surprises people. Even one single gummy is a state jail felony. If you get an entire package full of gummies, you're probably looking at a second or third degree felony charge.

It’s only THC after all

BUT…. there is good news. When you compare THC drug cases to all other types of felony drug cases, THC is treated much more leniently. A person can have a state jail felony-level THC case and another can have a state jail felony-level meth case and, all things being equal, the outcome will be much better for the person with the THC charge.

Why? Maybe it's because THC is not nearly as detrimental to the body. Maybe it's because THC is legal in other parts of the country. Or maybe it's because the prosecutors may very well have had THC gummies themselves sometime in the last month and they feel guilty about prosecuting those cases.

The reason, I suppose, doesn't really matter. The point is, if you have THC in your possession you will most likely be charged with a felony. But take comfort in the fact that it's better than getting charged with meth or cocaine.

What can a lawyer do for me?

I’ve had great success in getting THC cases dismissed or, at the very least, reduced to misdemeanors or low-level felony deferred adjudication probations. If you’ve been charged with possession of THC, hire a board-certified criminal defense lawyer to protect your criminal record.