Can the State Prosecute a Family Violence Charge if the Alleged Victim Is Out of State?

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What is considered family violence in Texas?

In Texas, “family violence” could apply to a number of incidents. It is an assault or verbal threat against someone in the household. It doesn’t matter if it is a romantic relationship or not. So, your roommate could charge you with family violence or even someone you’ve had one single date with.

What’s important is obtaining your defense attorney as soon as you’re charged and be aware of your rights. Once you’re on a path to success, a court date may come. What happens if the alleged victim doesn’t show or is out of state?

What if the alleged victim is out of state?

Even if the alleged victim is out of state, Texas still can pursue the case and charge you with family violence. The state may even pay the person to fly down, if necessary, but they don’t need to be present for the prosecution to move forward. Typically, if the victim isn’t there, they can still use other evidence such as a 911 call or photographs of the alleged assault.

How do I drop a family violence charge in Texas?

The first step with a family violence charge in Texas is to find a reputable criminal defense attorney. A family violence charge is a serious accusation. Many facilities, whether it is for housing or employment, typically will require a background check. This charge could show up and people can judge very harshly, regardless of the outcome of the case.

Ryan Deck is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has served the Round Rock community for over a decade. He will help navigate through your charge and discuss your options step-by-step, so you feel confident and informed.

Just because you were arrested does not mean you were guilty of this crime, and having the right attorney in your back pocket may open the door for an expunction down the line. To stand up for your rights, contact the Law Office of Ryan Deck today.

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