Navigating the Juvenile Justice System: What Families Can Expect

The juvenile justice system journey can be daunting for young individuals and their families. Understanding what to expect in a juvenile case is crucial to navigating the process with confidence and clarity. Here, we distill the essential insights and advice on this critical topic from Texas criminal defense attorney Ryan Deck.

Where a Juvenile Case Starts

Contrary to popular belief, police officers can question your child without parents present in Texas. This can be in school or picked up from the scene of the alleged crime. Juvenile cases often start with an unexpected call or a knock on the door, leading to a whirlwind of confusion and concern.

You must stay calm and informed. These initial stages will help you understand the charges, the potential consequences for this minor, and the immediate steps you need to take as a parent to ensure their future is secured.

One of the first things to do, of course, is get in touch with a criminal defense attorney that specializes in your county and juvenile cases. Take the time to look at Google Reviews and any helpful information on their website before booking a consultation.

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What’s the Difference Between Adult Court and Juvenile Court?

A large factor is the way they view punishment between adults and minors. Juvenile court is less punishment based and focuses on rehabilitation.

Typically, you will have a probation officer that’s assigned to your child. This probation officer will keep tabs on your child in school and at home with all this information relayed to the judge. It’s extremely important that your minor stays on their best behavior while their case is pending.

If they don’t, the judge can decide on a harsher punishment.

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Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney for Juvenile Charges?

A seasoned attorney will take the time to examine your case from every angle. They’ll be able to determine if your minor’s rights were violated and the best way to keep this off their record completely.

The Law Office of Ryan Deck understands the severity of these charges and will do everything in their power to ensure that you not only understand your case every step of the way but feel affirmed that your child is in the right hands.

Ryan Deck goes beyond the fold of your average attorney, even volunteering for Georgetown’s Teen Court to help aspiring teens defend real cases as attorneys.

If you or a loved one is need of help, reach out to our office today.

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