The Benefits of Having a Former Texas Prosecutor Defending Your Case

If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, the best opportunity you have to get the charges dismissed, a reduction in charges or an acquittal at trial is by having an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side. The more serious the charges, the more important it is to have a skilled lawyer with a proven record and the skills to help you seek to avoid the penalties. At The Law Office of Ryan H. Deck, our lead criminal defense lawyer is a former Texas prosecutor who prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases during his years of service. Now, as a highly-regarded criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Deck takes pride in continuing to advance his legal education, so that his firm can provide some of the most innovative and cutting edge defense strategies.

In a recent case, which involved a client being accused of committing a felony assault, our firm was able to take action for the client, and have the felony assault family violence charges dismissed. We also were able to get the motion to revoke the client's probation dismissed, despite the fact that the client was on probation for aggravated assault at the time the new assault charge was filed. We knew what was at stake, and that the penalties associated with a felony family violence assault would be significantly more severe than those for the felony assault of a stranger, so we did everything possible to see that our client's case was dismissed, and were successful.

To have any chance of preserving your freedom and avoiding jail or prison time, and to retain the right to have access to your home and children, to protect your constitutional right to bear arms, and protect your personal and professional reputation, you will need a seasoned attorney on your side. To find out how we could defend your case, contact our Round Rock criminal defense lawyer at once.

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